In Their Voices

A Video Conversation Project

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As I wrote The Guide to Reflective Practice in Conflict Resolution, I wondered whether I could include the voices and perspectives of others—not simply through quotations and citations which I employed extensively.  I wanted more depth and detail.  I wanted to include the perspectives, experiences and wisdom of others who think about and work with similar ideas and to do so in their own voices.  These are people who have added immeasurably to our profession through practice experiences, writings, teaching and research.


I considered conducting interviews and producing transcripts in an appendix. This was a wonderful though impractical idea.


That led to the idea of producing a series of video conversations broadly oriented to ideas about reflective practice including, learning from experience, applying theory to shape action, and others.  The conversations will focus on and emphasize their practices, teaching, writing and research.

Michael Lang

Mediator, author, and video series editor Michael Lang gives an introduction to the "In their Voices" series.

Cheryl Jamison, J.D.

Formerly Director of the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence for 10 years, she also served as President and Executive Director of the Association for Conflict Resolution.  Cheryl advocates for materials and courses that provide lessons in conflict management for non-professionals to build skills needed to resolve everyday disputes.  Cheryl and Michael also talk about the need to encourage deep and constructive conversations about race and its effects throughout society. 

Cinnie Noble

Cinnie Noble is the founder of CINERGY ® Coaching.  She is the author of Conflict Mastery: Questions to Guide You and Conflict Management Coaching: The Cinergy ™ Model.  In this conversation with Michael, Cinnie describes her research that helped generate the principles and practices for the CINERGY ® Coaching model and talks about the benefits of pre-mediation coaching.

John Ford

John, principal of John Ford and Associates, founder of the HR Mediation Academy, and author of Peace at Work: The Managers’ Guide to Workplace Mediation describes mediating workplace disputes with a process that builds from a carefully constructed opening toward resolution through relational connections among the participants.

Deirdre Curran

Deirdre is a founder member and leader of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute Workplace Mediation Research Group, National University of Ireland-Maynooth.  In their conversation Deirdre talks with Michael about current research projects, one looks at conditions of workers in the hospitality sector another is a comparative study of public provisions for workplace mediation in Ireland and New Zealand.

Howard Herman


Former Director, ADR Program for the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, Howard both mediates cases and has primary responsibility for training and supervising the hundreds of volunteer neutrals in the ADR programs.  Michael and Howard talk about continuing education programs for the neutrals, most specifically the innovative on-going practice groups for the court’s mediators.

Tammy Lenski

Tammy Lenski is well-known for her use of stories to illuminate her books and articles and in her conflict resolution podcast.  Tammy is an artful guide for those seeking tools to help them “disagree better.” Tammy and Michael discuss excellence in practice; how “becoming good” as mediators calls on us to deepen our reflecting on and skills in raising people up and helping them bring their best to the table.

Sue Bronson

Sue is Co-Chair of the ACR Elder Justice Initiative on Eldercaring Coordination to benefit older adults and their high conflict families.   In this conversation with Michael, Sue talks about the application and usefulness of pre-screening assessment in elder care dispute resolution processes.  

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