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Image by Andrian Valeanu,

When you know something absolutely, there's no reason to pay any attention to it. Ellen Langer


Details matter.  Reflective practitioners pay attention to what is new and unexpected.  They do not become complacent, mechanical or so set in their routines that they fail to observe something new, different or unexpected.  


Habit can become our nemesis; acting as if on auto-pilot.  Our actions may become tedious, even numbing, for both us and the participants.  Adhering to practised routines cannot become the primary objective.   Instead, reflective practitioners pay attention to what may be surprising, fresh or unusual—because those details offer crucial information to guide their actions. 


Every nuance, every inflection in a voice, the quality of air, even - they all get mixed

up in this soup of the story developing in our minds.   Susan Vreeland

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